Happy Thanksgivingmas!

Yes, it sounds like a clichéd event, but this Thanksgiving was a “Country Family Thanksgiving”, and I really could not be happier with the weekend. My entire immediate family was here, as well as some extended family that I hadn’t seen in ages. My mother outdid herself preparing almost every dish personally and to perfection. Read More

Refreshing to the Ear

Last week I had to call a vendor to resolve an issue – nothing too extreme. But what I found wonderfully refreshing was that, while being placed on hold to wait for the next technician, I was given the option to “hit ‘1’ for no hold music”. The experience has since heightened the annoyance with Read More

20 Years Ago

I need to look up the exact date, but it was around this time 20 years ago I first saw TD in concert. Optical Race had just been released by the group. I’m trying to recall from memory the actual event… It was at the Starplex Amphitheater in Dallas, Texas. I was a senior in Read More

Fresh Biscuits?

Is this going to be about biscuits? No. I wanted to choose a name that was memorable, distinctive, and fun. There was also a reference to “biscuitheads” in a Homestar Runner cartoon, and I’ve not been able to get the phrase out of my head. I do like biscuits – especially if they are smothered Read More


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New Engine, New Stuff

Since WordPress is free (even hosted), and has a lot more potential bells and whistles, I decided to plop my blog into a cozier corner of my website.